People who care passionately about Greece

As we have developed, The Greek Project has been vastly fortunate in forging some good friendships with other folk who also care passionately about Greece, its peoples, language, environment and landscape, and, indeed, all things Greek.

Our good friends include:

Pervolarides: ‘gardeners’, Thessaloniki, who describe their aim as to create an open community comprising of both locals and refugees, to generate social solidarity and integration through cooking, urban gardening and apiculture, to support the development of vocational skills on agro-ecological practices and to provide access to healthy food for the people living on the streets. The very essence of grass-roots, community-based social action as set against ten years of economic crisis and austerity, The Greek Project is proud to be associated with Pervolarides.

Find out more about Pervolarides and how you can help their projects atΠερβολάρηδες-Θεσσαλονίκης-Pervolarides-of-Thessaloniki-…



We are lucky to work closely with Kipos who have educational interests and goals which are very much ours too. Kipos provides a warm, welcoming and informal space and hub in which we do much of our Salonika teaching, workshops and film events.


A small but inspiring cooperatively-based initiative in the area of Kilkis, Macedonia, north of Salonika, Myrepsos cultivates organic herbs in an environmentally sustainable way and is now producing high-quality aromatherapy and medicinal products.


Diavazo Greek books:

The Greek on-line UK bookseller we turn to for all Greek-related books, language study etc. Pavlina at Diavazo always goes the extra mile to secure you what we – and you – may need! 


And finally, information on a recent book and a film in progress which will may be of interest. The book is  Giorgos Antoniou and A. Dirk Moses eds.,The Holocaust in Greece (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

A very significant re-evaluation of Greek Jewish obliteration, co-edited by our Aristotle University-based associate, Giorgos, and in which Greek Project co-producer Mark also has a chapter.

The film in progress ‘Left Lane Straight’ is an entirely more intimate portrait of  these events through the eyes of survivors from a Jewish family from Drama and Kavala, places and  communities closely associated with our tours. See for current details and film clips. And with good luck to Caroline, Deana and team for its anticipated completion.


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