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Covid: Advice to our participants

We are anticipating that in 2021 a vaccine roll-out will transform the opportunities for covid-free travel. But on a safety first basis here are some current guidelines for our tours which we would very much like you to read before committing yourself to any tour with us. 

Customers should know that we are not a travel agency but simply friends who act as educational group organisers and guides. What this means in terms of covid is that your travel to and from Greece is your own responsibility and if for any reason you are required to quarantine in Greece or on return home, this again is your responsibility, not ours. We will, of course, do our best to support you if you get ill during a tour, within the bounds of what is practically possible. And we will, of course, advise on any changing circumstances which impact on the plausibility of any given tour. But while we have public liability insurance for ourselves, we have no responsibility nor any cover whatsoever for covid-related emergencies or state-imposed restrictions on local or international travel, issues of social distancing in restaurants, accommodation and so on. As previously on our tours, we require you to take out comprehensive travel insurance for the duration and to sign a disclaimer.

We state all this not because we’re trying to frighten you off joining us (very much the opposite!), simply that we want our customers to know in advance that in 2021 there could still be ongoing covid limitations. 

In terms of our own practice, so long as the pandemic continues, we will determine on a case by case basis whether any advertised tour has to be cancelled or rescheduled. What you need most to know are :

Firstly, if we have advertised a tour on our website and on our leaflets it is our firm intention, where possible, to go ahead with it.

Secondly, if for any covid-related reason we have to cancel close to the scheduled tour and you have at that point paid a deposit or a full sum we will attempt to follow our practice in 2020 and ensure everybody has their money refunded. We cannot guarantee this but we will do our very best to ensure this good practice.

Hopefully, once the pandemic has ceased, these provisos can be happily binned. If however you want to have a conversation with us about any of the above, please feel free to get in touch on the ‘Contact Us’ page and we will happily talk this through with you. You can also find out more about how we normally operate, including our terms and conditions in the section: ‘How we’re organised’.

With luck, we would like to say good bye covid and see you in Greece!

But meanwhile, thank you for reading this.

Ellie and Mark

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