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The pandemic and us

Because of the ongoing difficulties of travelling abroad the Greek Project is rescheduling all its current study-tours to 2021. 

We will look forward to presenting details of our new programme later this year. 

Meanwhile we are open for enquiries about our plans and wish all our friends and supporters well in these challenging times.

This coming year as we gear up for our ‘Thracian Homecoming’ tour in April, The Greek Project is looking forward to a gentle expansion in an eastwards direction. Behind us are a cluster of cultural and culinary tours with the once great multicultural city of Salonika, our first and constant love. And Salonika will continue to be at the heart of our unashamed aim to combine the pleasures of Aegean sun, sea, good food, wine and atmospheric surroundings with a more flavoursome, even pungent recipe: Study-tour holidays with intellectual bite.

So, this summer we’ll be running our ever popular city and hinterland tour of Salonika. But we’ll also be spending some time in Ellie’s home town of Xanthi in Thrace – as base for our Thracian Homecoming tour to be sure – but also for our regular summer Greek language course in late August. A further exciting departure, from here will be our hands-on culinary extravaganza, in mid-September.

Xanthi offers something rather different to the great metropolis: a much smaller city with a beautiful old town, where the sound of the muezzin’s call to prayer harmonises evocatively with the bells from countless Orthodox churches.

Xanthi thus is genuinely multi-ethnic, at the centre of a part-mountainous, part delta region where diversity, natural and human, is the norm. Head up into Pomakochoria, as we will, and the sense of a Greece as a sum of many parts, is tantalising.

We conceived our first not-for-profit study-tours to express solidarity with a country in adversity. That has not diminished. Each tour throws up aspects of a country – and peoples – whose physical beauty, cultural depth and exuberance for life have to be set against an often troubled recent past and austere present. But instead of shying away from these realities our head-on engagement with the histories, languages, cultures, cuisines and environment of the region has paid dividends in the reward to our participants.

Our featured tours for 2020 and spring 2021 are yours for the viewing. And don’t forget too to have a look at our tailor-made tours aimed at realising your own discrete educational, recreational or fact-finding passions and agendas.

We look forward to your company!

Ellie and Mark

2020 Programme

What makes us different?

The Greek Project began as a conversation between friends. Partly that was about the economic crisis, and how we might do something small to promote ordinary Greek people in their hour of need to an audience that already knew that there was something more to Greece than its negative press.

But that proposition raised a more general question about the nature of modern travel. How does one get to know any country in a more than a skin-deep way? Why is it, for instance, that when one goes on a guided visit of some really stunning place, what one invariably gets to hear is banal, the resulting impression being that ‘tourism’ nearly always plays safe, shying away from the difficult, problematic – but often most seriously interesting things about a country’s past? And why is it always so difficult to genuinely encounter its living people other than in a superficial manner?

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Tailor-made Tours

If you have an idea for a study-tour tailor-made to your group, circle or college department, why not get in touch with us by clicking on the enquiry form below? We will scope your idea on request and while we can organise a bespoke tour for any number of people however small, prices become comparable with our featured tours with a minimum of ten guaranteed participants. Tailor-made tours can be organised as a long-weekend, a short or full week, or longer.

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