A human hand on a rail.

  A human hand on a rail: like a symbolic act of commemoration? What I learnt from running our first Holocaust tour to Salonika in April last year was how like a pilgrimage this was for many of our educator participants. It was from the old railway...

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Brexit: further thoughts

  Somewhere in the course of  late summer 2018 we realized that our big plans for early in the following year were going to have to be put on hold. Reason: Brexit! We consequently had to make the very difficult decision to pull our most exciting new trip – to...

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An invitation to join us for some scrumptious Greek food, a (non-alcoholic) drink, a film...and a bit of a discussion Our event will begin with some lovely, home-made Greek food. We're then going to show the first 40 minutes of Politiki Kouzina, a popular Greek film...

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The Greek Project and Brexit

Thessaloniki, Salonika, Selanik, Salonica, Solun: it's the many sided multicultural aspects of a city  at the heart of the Greek Project -  once home to Jews, Christians and Muslims of so many diverse cultures, languages and backgrounds - which gives to what we're...

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What everybody agrees about Salonika is the fantastic food and drink... and the vibrant city life which goes with it.  So, just to whet your appetite, here's a brief section from our Salonika information pack on the sweet end of the spectrum! Trigona' (Triangles):...

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